Summer Fiddle Workshop 2003


Here are the tunes we'll be working on. Please listen to them at normal speed enough times to get familiar with how they sound. Then use the slower versions to try to play along.

If you experience difficulty playing these while online, try right clicking on the link and select "Save Target As". This will allow you to save the file on your computer, then play them even when offline


Normal Speed


Key of A  Boil_Them_Cabbage_Down.mp3

Key of A  Breaking Up Christmas.mp3

Key of D  Mississippi_Sawyer.mp3

Key of D  Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss.mp3

Key of G  Buffalo Gals.mp3

Key of G  Waiting_For_The_Federals.mp3

Key of G  Galax Waltz.mp3

Key of G  Tombigbee_River_Waltz.mp3

Key of Em  Drowsy Maggie.mp3

Key of G  Saddle_The_Pony.mp3

Key of A  Chilly_Winds.mp3

Key of D  Walking_In_The_Parlor.mp3

Key of G  Going_Down_the_River.mp3

Key of D  Virginia_Reel.mp3

Key of D  Sugar_Hill.mp3

Key of A  June_Apple.mp3


Slow Speed

Most tunes are in two parts, A part & B part,  played in the pattern AA BB ( with some exceptions )


Boil_Them_Cabbage_Down_A.mp3  played 2x

Boil_Them_Cabbage_Down_B.mp3  played 2x


Breakin_Up_Christmas_A.mp3  played 2x

Breakin_Up_Christmas_B.mp3  played 2x


Mississippi_Sawyer_A.mp3  played 2x

Mississippi_Sawyer_B.mp3  played 2x


Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss A.mp3  played 2x

Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss B.mp3  played 2x


Buffalo_Gals_A.mp3  played 2x

Buffalo_Gals_B.mp3  played 2x


Waiting_For_The_Federals_A.mp3  played 2x

Waiting_For_The_Federals_B.mp3  played 2x


Galax Waltz.mp3  played 1x


Tombigbee_River_Waltz_A.mp3  played 2x

Tombigbee_River_Waltz_B.mp3  played 2x

Drowsy_Maggie_A.mp3  played 2x

Drowsy_Maggie_B.mp3  played 2x


Saddle_The_Pony_A.mp3  played 2x

Saddle_The_Pony_B.mp3  played 2x


Chilly_Winds_A.mp3  played 1x

Chilly_Winds_B.mp3  played 2x


Walking_In_The_Parlor_A.mp3  played 2x

Walking_In_The_Parlor_B.mp3  played 2x


Going_Down_the_River_A.mp3  played 2x

Going_Down_the_River_B.mp3  played 1x


Virginia_Reel_A.mp3  played 2x

Virginia_Reel_B.mp3  played 2x


Sugar_Hill_A.mp3  played 2x

Sugar_Hill_B.mp3  played 2x


June_Apple_A.mp3  played 2x

June_Apple_B.mp3  played 2x