Appalachian Music
 of Southwestern Pennsylvania
Allen Street String Band Thumping On A Well Rope
In Good Company
Illinois Shortcuts
Great tunes and vocals from Southern Illinois. All of my favorites seem to be written by banjoist Dave Landreth.
Dewey Balfa Dewey Balfa and Friends Traditional Cajun at it's best. Must hear.
Dave Bass   Fiddling powerhouse of the Freightoppers.
Bing Brothers Just For The Sake Of It Contemporary West Virginia stringband.
Hart & Blech A Devil of a Row Resource of wonderful old fiddle tunes.
Allan Block Alive and Well Great old time fiddler, father to Rory.
Volo Bogtrotters   Chicago old time.
Boiled Buzzards Early Bird Special
Fine Dining
Old Time music with an attitude! (Mark Tamsula fiddler on Early Bird Special.)
Hank Bradley Hassle The Caller Seattle fiddler, has been writing cool tunes in the old time style since the 60's.
Balfa Brothers The Balfa Brothers play traditional Cajun Music Vol. I & II Cajun fiddle at it's best.
James Bryan Two Pictures Wonderful style. One of my favorite fiddlers.
Bubba George Stringband Live at the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance Hot old time sound from contemporary stringband.
Bob Carlin Banging & Sawing A great album, with various fiddlers, and Bob.
Carter Bros. & Son Mississippi String Bands Classic old time sound from early stringband.
Harry Choates Fiddle King of Cajun Swing Fun, Cajun style.
Dillof, Rice and The Cuyahogians On the Job Too Long Dave Rice (Boiled Buzzards), fine old time fiddling, mean harmonica playing, Bill Dillof, great banjo.
Clyde Davenport   Kentucky banjo tunes.
Double Decker Stringband    
Wilson Douglas    
Fiddle Fever    
J.P. Fraley Wild Rose Of The Mountain
Kentucky fiddler, lots of good tunes, many waltzes.
Fuzzy Mountain String Band The Fuzzy Mountain String Band One of the recordings that influenced many young musicians during the old time revival of the 1970s.
Jerry Milnes, Dave Bing, Ron Mullennex Gandydancer Good old tunes played by good old boys.
Jerry Garcia & David Grisman Shady Grove Posthumous release of Garcia / Grissman sessions. Lots of interest in old time, blues and old ballads.
Marvin Gaster Uncle Henry's Favorites Contemporary banjo player and singer.
Rayna Gellert Ways of the World Hot old time sound from contemporary stringband.
Grayson & Whitier The Recordings of Grayson and Whitier Recorded 1928-1930 Classic old time sound from early stringband.
Bruce Greene Vintage Fiddle Tunes
Five Miles of Ellum Wood
Bruce derives the essence of the traditional Kentucky fiddle tunes, and makes them his own.
Ed Haley Forked Deer Disc Blind Kentucky fiddler, has influenced many generations of fiddlers.
Edden Hammons The Edden Hammons Collection West Virginia fiddler from the 1960s, sound gives insight into the style of an earlier time.
Hammons Family The Traditions of a West Virginia Family and Their Friends Stories and tunes from surviving members of a West Virginia mountain family, living not too differently from early pioneers.
Gary Harrison Red Prairie Dawn Contemporary fiddler, has been a fountain of great tunes for many years.
Highwoods String Band Feed Your Babies Onions One of the recordings that influenced many young musicians during the old time revival of the 1970s.
Roscoe Holcomb The High Lonesome Sound Kentucky banjo player and songster.
The Humdingers    
Freight Hoppers    
Judy Hyman    
Improbabillies The Improbabillies Hot old time sound from contemporary stringband. Richie Stearns - banjo.
Indian Creek Delta Boys    
Kenny Jackson    
Tommy Jarrell Come and Go With Me
Rainbow Sign
Pickin' On Tommy's Porch
Sail Away Ladies
Tommy & Fred
A N. Carolina fiddler and banjo player, Tommy learned in the traditional fashion, from an older family member.  He had a great influence on a younger generation during the late 70's, early 80's, as thousands made their way to visit his home over the years to hear him play.
Ward Jarvis Mice Won't Stay Where There's Music Crusty old tunes from Ohio.
Craig Johnson   West Virginia fiddler, with superb background information of old time.
Rhys Jones All I've Got's Done Gone Hot old time sound from contemporary stringband.
Jehile Kirkhuff Autumn Breeze Fiddler from Montrose PA. Jehile's versions of many wonderful, historic old time tunes made him a member of the collection of The American Folk Life Center of the Library of Congress. The Jehile Kirkhuff Old Time Music Fund, under the direction of Ed Berbaum recorded around 500 of his fiddle tunes available on cassette and CD. For information: contact or call (570) 278-2405 or 1-800 646-8349 Or write to RR 4 Box 39
Montrose, PA 18801
Jake Krack Home At Last Still a young man and he has released at least 5 albums (one every year since he was 12). Great stuff!
Lackawanna Longnecks Muddy Roads
Old Time Jam
Local Pittsburgh band, with Mark Tamsula, fiddle.
Bascom Lamar Lunsford Smoky Mt. Ballads LP. Collection of old ballads with banjo.
Brad Leftwich Say, Old Man
Been There Still
Exceptionally good fiddling.
James Leva The Renegades
I Need To Find
You can't sit still listening to James.
Library of Congress Archive of Folk Culture American Fiddle Tunes compilation
Uncle Dave Macon Go Long Mule "Direct from the Grand Old Opry" banjoist and songster Dave Macon was one of the finest entertainers of the old time style
Dennis McGee The Complete Early Recordings of Dennis McGee Eerie insight into the sound of Cajun music before the accordion (pre 1840). Great stuff!
Clayton McMichen see Skillet Lickers Stellar fiddler of The Skillet Lickers
Bruce Molsky Lost Boy
Bruce Molsky & Big Hoedown
Poor Mans Troubles
Powerful fiddle style, (reverse engineered from Roswell technology???)
Tara Nevins    
New Lost City Ramblers The Early Years 1958 - 1962
Volume II 1963-1973
Revivers of the old songs at a time when the music industry all but plowed them under.
North Fork Rounders   Ohio old time / Americana.
Old & In The Way Old & In The Way Really cool Bluegrass project, with superstar combo: Vassar Clemens - fiddle, Jerry Garcia - banjo, David Grissman - mandolin, Peter Rowan - guitar.
Plank Road Plank Road
This Is It
LP. Hot old time sound from contemporary stringband. Brad Leftwich - fiddle
Dirk Powell If I Go Ten Thousand Miles
Songs From The Mountain
The universal super soldier musician, Dirk does all.
Red Mules    
Red Clay Ramblers    
Red Hots   Great tunes, but can't understand a word!
Alan Jabbour, James Reed, Bertram Levy A Henry Reed Reunion New release! Old guys playing hot tunes!
Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys Trace of Time Great sounding music. It takes extraordinary ability to make the accordion sound cool.
Eck Robertson Old-Time Texas Fiddler: Vintage Recordings 1922-1929 First old time fiddler to record. Check out his "Sally Ann"
Roustabout Better Than It Sounds The title says it all.
John Morgan Sayler   Treasure trove of Kentucky fiddling.
Harvey Sampson Flat Foot In The Ashes  
Ann Savoy Prends Courage Beautiful Cajun harmonies.
Tracy Schwarz The Tracy Schwarz Cajun Trio A member of the New Lost City Ramblers, Tracy came to love Cajun music after getting to know Dewey Balfa.
Skillet-Lickers Vol. 1 - IV 1926-1930 You've got to hear it to believe it. Relive prohibition with these old time comedians.
Lynn "Chirps" Smith Midwestern Harvest Traditional fiddling of the Midwest featuring Chirps Smith (Volo Bogtrotters) and friends.
Art Stamper Goodbye Girls, I'm Going to Boston Old fiddler, finding recent, well deserved popularity. Good old mountain style.
Stewed Mulligan Repeat-offenders A bunch of mushrooms (really FUN-GUYS), these West Virginians are a blast. If you are dissatisfied with this recording, just return the unused portion of the CD, and they will return the unused portion of your money.
Lowe Stokes see Skillet Lickers Skillet Lickers fiddler.
Pete Sutherland   New England fiddler, with great style.
Kirk Sutphin    
Gid Tanner see Skillet Lickers Comic / fiddler for the Skillet Lickers
Benny Thomasson Country Fiddling From The Big State LP. Nice fiddling. Lots of Texas swing style, but some good old time too.
Joe Thrift   Fiddler, driving force behind the Red Hots.
Jay Ungar   Mighty fine interpreter and composer of old time.
Doc Watson The Essential Doc Watson
The Vanguard Years (4 cd set)
Doc & Dawg
Blind guitar player, known for his smooth vocal style, and hot flatpicking versions of fiddle tunes, is a great banjo player as well.
Christian Wig   Ohio fiddler and all around good guy.
Melvin Wine Hannah At The Springhouse West Virginia fiddler, now in his 90's. Sounds better every time I hear him.
Nonc Allie Young Two Steppin' With Nonc Allie My first Cajun album is still my favorite. Gina Forsyth's fiddling is like a dream.
Various Artists Black Banjo Songsters of North Carolina and Virginia compilation
Various Artists Close to Home (Old Time Music From Mike Seeger's Collection) compilation of traditional Appalachian folk songs
Various Artists Mountain Music of Kentucky compilation
Various Artists O Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack of a great film.
Various Artists Old-Time Music On The Air  Vol. 1 & 2 A Rounder compilation of contemporary artists