Cajun Music & Dancing


If you have ever experienced Cajun food and music, you can appreciate how much the Cajun people have strong, passionate tastes for living and enjoying life, just as the familiar expression “Et laissez les bons temps rouler!” says, “Let the good times roll!” You’ll find it’s no surprise that Cajuns love to dance too, and you’d better believe that it’s a grand ol’ time.

Cajun dancing is a couples dance, driven by the irresistible beat of traditional two-steps and waltzes. It could best be described as swinging to rhythm and blues, just get started with a few basic steps and moves, and let the music take over.

The instruments in Cajun music include the fiddle, diatonic accordion, guitar, string bass, and the triangle providing percussion. The singing, done in the old Cajun French language, is one of the most inspiring sounds you’ll ever hear.

If you would like to experience it all first hand, come to the Cajun dances held monthly in Pittsburgh from October through June. Come to a dance hosted by Grand Bon Rien if you want to hear the band that will play for your next party.

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